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How a Rapid Capital Advance Works 

While the process between a Conventional Business Loan and a Rapid Capital Advance are similar; there are differences: Capital Advance allows you to sell future revenue at a discounted rate. In other words, you are borrowing against future revenue for an agreed to %. You are selling a portion of future revenue to acquire Capital immediately. Take the first Step and Pre-Qualify Here. 

Since Advance Lenders evaluate risk differently from Banks, it is much easier for most Businesses to qualify. Rates on Advancess are typically higher than other loan products, however this comes with valid reasons. In order to Qualify for our Capital Advance you do not need the excessively High Credit Rating Required by a Conventional Bank or Credit Union. Additionally you are not required to put up any collateral nor do you need to provide a Personal Guarantee. Download "Will My Company Qualify?

Most Small Business Owners in need of Capital often do not have Audited Financials or several years of up to date Tax returns required by Banks and Credit Unions. These are typically not required to obtain a Rapid Capital Advance. Therefore if you have less than stellar Credit, past issues with payments, fluctuating revenue or need to avoid the request for multiple Tax Returns, Financials & Account Receivables. then the Capital Advance is a viable option. Call 610-653-2170 or Speak with our Live Agent Here

Our Un-Secured Capital Advances also have roll over options allowing you to restructure your deal to extend terms & receive additional capital. This Flexibility, No Personal Guarantee & Next Day Funding make this option the preferred method of obtaining Capital for Business Owners.

Download "How a Merchant Cash Advance Works" Here  

Rapid Capital Advances offer several Major Advantages over other types of Funding

Speed of Completion: Merchant Cash Advances are Engineered for Speed. If your Business has an urgent need,then the MCA is the answer,
No Collateral: Unlike Traditional Small Business Bank Loans, no Collateral or Personal Guarantee is needed to secure a Capital Advance.
Re-Structuring: Our Partners have Roll-Over Options allowing restructuring: Extending Terms & more Capital 


The Benefits of Consolidating Outstanding Loans or Advances

Many we work with are stuck in Multiple Loans or Advances. These loans can be consolidated for both Payment & Rate reduction. Typically, in order to consolidate balances, the new approval amount must double the total amount of the combined balances. Therefore the Business Owner would “Net” 50% of the new loan amount in the form of additional Working Capital. The goal is to Extend your Term, Reduce your Payments and provide more money 
When any Company carrying multiple positions with Loans or Advances decides to consolidate, it means the following. They are at the point where the constant draw on their account begins to impact cash flow. Call 610-653-2170 now for details on Consolidation or Download details on Consolidation
The Viable Option: Reverse Consolidation
The Reverse Consolidation is where the Lender, like clockwork, deposits money every week into the Merchants Business Bank Account to cover all Loan Payments for the week. Now the Merchant makes a single payment each week to the Reverse Consolidation Lender that is a fraction of what the business currently pays each week for all of their outstanding advances.The term of any reverse consolidation is generally longer than term of the cash advances, providing more breathing room for the Merchant. 
With a Reverse Consolidation the Advances are not eliminated, however they are managed in a way that the stress of having enough money simply to cover these advances is eliminated, and often additional Capital is provided. Additionally, because the Consolidation Lender is not required to “Buy-Out” all Advances upfront, that in turn allows for room to provide you with additional Capital at the time of the Consolidation, generally for far less than what the Merchant is paying now simply to pay of their current advances. 
· Reduces your Payments by up to 20-45%
· Extends your Term by up to 20-50%
· Access additional Capital Immediately  
· Immediate relief until all outstanding advances are paid in ful


Our Term Loan Process vs an SBA or Conventional Bank Loan
Our Term Loans feature 1-4 day Funding vs 3 to 12 weeks for SBA or Conventional Bank Loans We Consolidate MCA Loans | Convert daily/weekly payments into manageable monthly payments Our Loans are Un-Secured Installment Loans paid monthly to eliminate daily payment burden. We do not require Collateral; There is no need to tie up real estate, equipment or other assets We have No Pre-Payment Penalty which is commonly found in Conventional Term Loans. Start the Process | Complete our Application Here   


Obtaining a Line of Credit: Access Cash when you need it with a Line of Credit 


Download "Obtaining a Business Line of Credit"


What are our fees?
Our fees are paid directly by our partners, making our services free to you. Many brokerage firms charge additional fees directly to the business which is frowned upon in the industry. Lenders provide an offer based on their underwriting to ensure that it is an affordable loan/advance, which does not take into account fees charged by the broker. In fact, most partnership agreements strictly forbid this practice.
Are we a Direct Lender?
While we reserve the right to invest in loans, we are engaged in both Direct Lending & Brokering. Our ideology is that the party representing your business is responsible for providing un-biased advice and putting your business above any lender.  If we cannot facilitate your request, or if we obtain a better offer, we are partnered with Lenders, which consist of all lending styles and packages and we are obligated to present it to you. 


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